Whole Creation Community

The Mission of the Whole Creation Community is to nurture environmental ministry through a spiritual fellowship among all congregations that are dedicated to the care of God's creation.

The Whole Creation Community is a spiritual community. Our primary goal is to bring together people of faith who will commit themselves to live a shared Rule of Life. Therefore, the WCC is not an organization, committee, program, or advocacy group. We are a fellowship. Individuals do not "join" the WCC; they become part of it when their parish or mission adopts the Rule of Life:

  • To pray for God's creation (worship)
  • To teach stewardship of God's creation (education)
  • To work to sustain God's creation (ministry)

Individuals whose congregations have made this pledge are ask to be active participants on the WCC Facebook site to share their stories of how they are keeping the Rule. The WCC "Wall" is the community forum for members to post how they are honoring creation in their worship life, teaching others about the issues and resources for the care of creation, and, what they are actively doing as work in progress to sustain creation through concrete action.

Members are also encouraged to keep the Rule by practicing the WCC Daily Devotions (click here for large print version).

A Daily Devotional for Morning, Midday and Evening Prayer has been especially created for the Whole Creation Community. You can easily download this resource here. An integral part of each of these devotions will be a daily meditation which will be posted on the WCC Facebook Wall.

If you would like these daily meditations to appear in your Facebook news feed, simply do the following:

  1. Sign in to Facebook (Or register for an account)
  2. Go to the WCC Facebook page
  3. Click the Like button.

These meditations will help keep the community focused in common prayer as we seek to live our mission as a spiritual fellowship.  For more information call the Cathedral church office at 405-235-3436 or email Ferrella March at [email protected].

New opportunities! Please help us to make St. Paul's clean and green by signing up to wash coffee mugs on Sunday mornings and signing up to assist in recycling any time during the week(s) of your choice. Click on the links to the left to signup.

Visit the Whole Creation Community! We would be blessed to have your congregation as part of our witness in faith to the beauty and gift of God's whole creation.

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