Who We Are

Our Calling: 

 Love: We are called to love God in Christ and all people unconditionally.

Give: We are called to give all that we have generously -
our time, our resources, and our gifts for ministry.

Serve: We are called to serve all people selflessly - those in greatest need and all God has made.

Connect: We are called to connect deeply - to God and to others - by participating in the Sacraments, engaging in relationships, and belonging to a community of fellow disciples.


Our Beliefs...

We believe in a Triune God, who created the universe, who through Jesus Christ redeems us from sin and death, and who sustains us through love and grace. We promise to follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We believe the mission of our church is to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. The cornerstones of our faith are scripture, tradition, and reason. 


Scripture is the Word of God contained in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The Old Testament recounts the story of God's love for the world from Creation until the time of Jesus. The New Testament contains Jesus' teachings, the accounts of his life as told by his followers, and the beginnings of the early Christian church. It is through the study of Holy Scripture where we find the grounding of our faith. We study scripture in the context of history, and seek to interpret God's Word for meaning today. We have a willingness to live with diverse and changing interpretations of scripture, rather than attributing scripture with infallible certainty and binding prescriptions for all time and circumstance. 


Tradition is the embodiment of our experience as Christian throughout history, shaped by the Bible, creeds, sacraments, and the ministry carried out by Christ's disciples. Tradition is expressed with many voices, worship styles, cultures, architecture, and music. Our tradition encourages diversity. We experience God's love, our spiritual journey, in the context of tradition and community - both within the church and in the world. Our daily experience shapes our questions, and futures our quest for a closer relationship with God. 


We believe that our God-given ability to think critically and take responsibility for our actions is a vital part of our Christian faith. Reason, as a complement to scripture and tradition, leads us to ask questions. Human reason is set in the context of our relationship with God, and God's call to us to live full and healthy lives. We ask people to be challenged to think critically, and bring their doubts, questions, beliefs, and convictions. We bring our whole person to the life of our church community and find that when we engage our mind with scripture and tradition, it is a very rich experience.