Who We Are

Love, Give, Serve, Connect

Love: We are called to love God in Christ and all people unconditionally.
Give: We are called to give all that we have generously -
our time, our resources, and our gifts for ministry.

Serve: We are called to serve all people selflessly - those in greatest need and all God has made.

Connect: We are called to connect deeply - to God and to others - by participating in the Sacraments, engaging in relationships, and belonging to a community of fellow disciples.


From the Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma

7.3. The Cathedral Church.

7.3.1. The church, commonly known as “St. Paul’s” in Oklahoma City, is the Cathedral Church of the Diocese.

7.3.2. Except as otherwise provided for in this Canon, the congregation of the Cathedral is a Parish, with all the usual parochial organizations, rights and privileges, and the Rector of the Parish is the Dean of the Cathedral.

7.3.3. The Dean is confirmed by a majority vote of the Vestry upon appointment by the Bishop. Subject to the control of the Bishop, the Dean:

(a) Decides all matters pertaining to Cathedral services;
(b) Exercises supervision and management of the Cathedral in consultation with the Vestry;
(c) Assigns duties to the Clergy of the Cathedral.
(d) Serves as Chair, ex officio of all committees of the Cathedral, unless the Dean selects a member of the committee to so serve or the Cathedral Canons otherwise provide.

7.3.4. The Clergy of the Cathedral may be Canons recommended by the Dean and appointed by the Bishop. The Canons perform those duties as assigned by the Dean.

7.3.5. The Bishop has the discretionary right to use the Cathedral for worship, has the general direction of the services therein, is invited to use it at Easter and Christmas, and to use the Cathedral and Parish House for diocesan and ecclesiastical meetings.