What We Do


Every ministry we offer here at Saint Paul's Cathedral is designed to be an opportunity for you to deepen your faith and live out our calling to love, give, serve, and connect. 

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Worship, Liturgy, and Music

We worship from the format of the Book of Common Prayer. Our liturgy is an interactive response between the clergy and the people. The liturgy includes readings from scripture, prayers, preaching, and the celebration of the sacraments including Holy Eucharist. Our worship and liturgical life is enhanced by music. We have a rich heritage of excellent music. There are a number of ways for the people, who are the ministers of the church, to get involved with worship leadership. 

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Part of growing in your faith is to be formed as a disciple. We offer classes of all kinds for children, youth, and adults all designed to help understand the cornerstones of our faith: scripture, tradition, and reason. It is through the consent pursuit of learning that we row deeper in our faith journey and in our calling to love, give, serve, and connect. Our spiritual lives are enriched by our numerous opportunities for small group  and individual spiritual development. While many of our classes are offered at the 10:10 AM time on Sunday mornings but there are many other opportunities as well. 

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Gathering together with old friends or new acquaintances for coffee or a good meal, conversations or prayers, is central to our community. Throughout the year we set aside times for fellowship where we can get to know each other and build our community together. These are times for us to share laughter and tears, experiences and stories, seek help and give of ourselves. 

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Pastoral Care

We care for each other's mind, body, heart, and soul through a team of lay leaders and clergy who are trained to offer care in many different ways. We visit you when you cannot be here with us bringing communion, prayer, food, flowers and support. 

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We are downtown church that reaches out into the community with love and grace, resources and assistance. We have a variety of opportunities for serving in the community and the greater Oklahoma City metro area as well as within our own Diocese. 

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