Vestry and Lay Leadership

Through the waters of baptism all Christians are lay ministers called to be about Christ's reconciling work in the world. Lay people take their place in the life, worship, and governance of the Church according to their God-given gifts and talents.

Cathedral Vestry

The Cathedral Vestry is the legal governing and decision-making body of the parish, consisting of the Dean, other clergy and elected lay representatives. Its duties include calling the Dean, approving the budget, establishing policies, and approving expenditures. Vestry members are often the heads of parish committees and all members of the vestry serve on the stewardship committee. Each vestry has a senior warden and junior warden, both have special duties, work closely with the Dean and are elected either by the congregation or the vestry itself. The senior warden is the spokesperson for the vestry, while the junior warden is responsible for the maintenance and repair of church buildings and grounds.

The Cathedral Vestry meets the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm in the East Garden Board Room and meetings are open to the congregation. For more information or to share your thoughts with the vestry please contact any member of the vestry or the vestry clerk.

Molly Tolbert, Senior Warden
Amy Williams, Junior Warden
Evan Walter, Treasurer
Amy Fischer, Clerk

Current Vestry Members

Serving Through Annual Meeting 2018
Ian Bass
Ann Bonsteel
Todd Olberding
Ashley Wells

Serving Through Annual Meeting 2019
Ginny Murphy
Casey Richards
Mark Sessing
Sarah Musler

Serving through Annual Meeting 2020
Matthew Herrin
Dan Morgan
Richard Opalka
Charles Ozan