Saint Nicholas Chapel

Contemporary Language Service During the Week

St. Nicholas Chapel 12:10 p.m.

Every Thursday and Prayer Book Holy Day there is a service of Holy Eucharist at 12:10 pm in the St. Nicholas Chapel, which is located on the first floor of the Education Building.

The Creation Window

The Creation Window - six magnificent windows positioned in two triptychs - has been installed and dedicated in St. Nicholas Chapel. The stained glass windows bring into dazzling light the wonder of God’s gift of creation. They have been designed and fabricated by Steve Wilson of Baton Rouge, LA. Above is a composite photograph of the six windows, which are described below, beginning from the left.

The first window is called Nebula and features a multi-layered blue glass vortex above green and gold earth elements.

The second window features St. Nicholas with mitre and staff. Children, like the stars of the sky, gather in his presence.

The third window is called Thunderstorm and reflects images from Native American creation accounts.

The fourth window is called the Spirit of Light and describes the artist’s expression of God’s creative presence through a Pentecost brightness of red light.

The fifth window is called Chi Sign because it has the primal symbol of the Chi ( Χ or χ ) for Christ.

The sixth window is called Moon and Spiral as these two elements gleam with intensity and shed their light and color on the chapel altar.

While there are elements that may be put into words, much more is found by the eye of the beholder entering the the Creation with a creative mind. Come and see!