Special Services


Weddings celebrate the union of bride and groom. Marriage brings isolated individuals into the oneness of a shared life. It is gift of unity and community with which our Creator blesses us.

Marriage at the Cathedral is about shared life with one another in the Lord. Love of husband and wife is a specific expression of the larger love of God for and through God's children. If you desire a spiritual journey of unity with a spouse, within a community faith, St. Paul's Cathedral encourages you to contact us about your wedding.

All weddings at the Cathedral are done in accordance with The Book of Common Prayer, 1979. Wedding dates are confirmed only after an interview with one of the clergy and the submission of the Nuptial Guideline booklet information pages with a deposit.

We are not in the wedding chapel business and Cathedral facilities are not for rent. Fees offset our expenses, but do not cover actual costs. The congregation financially subsidizes our wedding ministry. It is meant for those people who seek a sacramental relationship and who are, or seeking to be, active participants in the life of the Church.

If you are not a member of St. Paul's and you are seeking a church home we encourage you to contact a member of our clergy staff to learn how to begin the process becoming a member of St. Paul's.

Couples married at St. Paul's are expected to participate in the activities listed below.

  • Attending worship services regularly. Marriage is a sacrament representing Christ's union of love. You are called to take your place in the Body of Christ by faithfully offering your heart and voice in expressing the love of God.
  • Growing through Christian education. If you are new to St. Paul's and the Episcopal Church, or have not yet been baptized, you are expected to participate in Inquirer's Class and/or Confirmation Class so that you may make a mature commitment of faith as you take the significant spiritual step of entering into Holy Matrimony.
  • Seeking outreach and ministry opportunities. At St. Paul's there are many ways that you as a couple can share in the work and ministry of Christ in the world. Numerous outreach ministries will deepen your love of neighbor and of self.
  • Express the worth-ship of God through stewardship. As you integrate your life into this community of faith you will be called upon to offer your time, energy and financial resources for the vitality, beauty and work of this place. Learning the holy art of giving freely will serve you throughout your married life.
  • Finding fellowship in cathedral life. Your marriage does not thrive in isolation, rather many people gather to bear witness and share in the support of the vows you make. There are many ways of building friendships and having fun with your family of faith.

For more information or to set up an appointment please contact the office at 235-3436.


Holy Baptism is the sacramental rite of full initiation, by water and the Holy Spirit, into membership in the Body of Christ. Baptism takes place in the context of the Eucharist on Sundays, Feast Days and during the seasons of Easter and Pentecost. During the service of Baptism all members of the cathedral renew their own baptismal vows and welcome the newly baptized into the community of faith. If the baptized person is very young then sponsors, the child’s parents and godparents make those promises in the name of the child.

Baptism at St. Paul’s Cathedral takes place by pouring water over the head of the candidate, followed by anointment with oil of chrism on the forehead. If you desire the sacrament of baptism and you are an adult please attend our Inquirer’s Class and Confirmation Class. If you wish to have a child baptized please contact a member of clergy to set up an conference and rehearsal. For more information contact [email protected].