The Dean Search Committee has finished visiting potential candidates at their parishes. In the coming weeks, some of these candidates will visit St. Paul’s on an unannounced basis. This follows church custom to protect the identities of candidates who are not chosen. Their visits will not be completely anonymous, however. They will meet with the Bishop, the Vestry and our Clergy and staff. During these meetings, we are getting to know one another. From our perspective, we are applying the standard recited in a prior Searchlight column: Who among these candidates would best show us how to love one another?

I wrote earlier about the collaborative nature of the search process. Canonically, the Committee advises the Bishop, who then appoints and the Vestry confirms the new Dean. In other words, the canons require a consensus. We have enjoyed a remarkable degree of consensus to date, and as past is predictive we should anticipate the consensus will continue as we finish. The hardest decisions may come in discerning among the highly qualified and uniquely gifted candidates.

At a forum on Sunday, June 17, the Committee will say more about the search and selection process and what we can anticipate as the process concludes and we prepare for a new Dean. I invite your attendance at the forum.

We are supported by your prayers and invite your inquiries.

May God bless,
Gary Derrick