As Christmas passes and we begin the new calendar year, the Dean Search Committee continues to review the ministry portfolios of potential candidates. Our second and final print ad in the Living Church ran at the end of December. We can anticipate a few more applications from this ad. We are reviewing the third and final group from the Episcopal Church’s Office of Transition Ministry database. With each review, we send letters to applicants indicating whether we wish to continue the discernment process. For persons identified in the database, we send letters asking whether they are interested in participating with us in the discernment process. We began our reviews in late October and expect to complete our reviews later this month. We shall distribute some questions for written responses and begin telephone interviews with the interested participants in February.

As we wrote earlier, we are pleased with the quality and diversity of profiles we have seen. We are anxious to continue our explorations and learn more about our participants. They undoubtedly will want to learn more about us.

We ask for your continued prayers. Our parishioner, John Dunn, has posted prayers of support on the St. Paul’s website and these prayers will be included in future service bulletins. Throughout the search, we invite your inquiries and suggestions.

May God bless,
Gary Derrick