As I write, the Dean Search Committee has reviewed 53 ministry portfolios from potential candidates and we are deeply into the process of discerning who among these potential candidates we should pursue. The process is not an exact science, and it is difficult and perhaps unfair to those not selected that we should assess one’s abilities from a mere few pages. But we lack the time and resources to contact and interview each person, and are learning to trust in the process. I can say that we are pleased with the quality and diversity of profiles we have seen, and this is encouraging to us. The Living Church has run one print ad and another will appear at the end of the month. An online button or “click-through” ad is presently on the Living Church’s website. This advertising will generate more applicants. Our solicitation period will run through the end of the year and into January.

As we review profiles, we are corresponding with potential candidates. The correspondence varies. Some letters might ask potential candidates to indicate their interest. Others might thank them for their interest and request additional biographical information. We shall likely send letters asking for written responses to questions beyond the questions in the profiles. As the correspondence winds down, we shall begin the telephone interviews, which might include “Skype” or other online, video conferencing.

The amount of work facing us is daunting. We are supported by your prayers and the knowledge that this transition will open new doors for St. Paul’s and broaden our understandings. As we continue the search, we invite your inquiries and suggestions.

May God bless,
Gary Derrick