Liturgy We Live
by Dr. Gil Haas

The “ordinary” is that part of the Church’s service that is unchanging. Variable parts of the service are called “propers”. Propers include the collects, lessons and psalms (which together are called the “lectionary”) (pp 887-931), and prefaces (said during the Prayer of Consecration - pp 334 and 361). To increase the variety of Biblical readings, the lectionary is divided into years A, B, and C - we are currently in Year C. The collects and prefaces are offered in both traditional (pp 189-210 and 344-349) and contemporary (pp 211-261 and 377-382) language and “collect” the combined prayers of the congregation. The propers for any date are used for the preceding day’s evensong. A Sunday’s propers are also used during the following weekdays unless that Sunday was a saint’s feast. In that case, the propers for the following week revert to that assigned by the church’s calendar. The propers for the Sundays of Pentecost depend on what date Pentecost is celebrated (consult the table on pp 884-885). The Daily Office Lectionary (pp 934-1001) provides readings for daily Morning and Evening Prayer divided into Years 1 and 2 - we currently are in Year 1.