Older Reverences

Liturgy We Live
By Dr. Gil Haas

Formerly practiced liturgical reverences include bowing to the processing celebrant (genuflecting to the processing Diocesan Bishop). Tradition suggested bows at “God”, “we worship thee”, “we give thanks to thee,” at both “Jesus” and “Christ”, and “receive our prayer” during the Gloria. Readings’ traditional introductions were, “The reading is from the xxx chapter of Blessed Xxxx the Apostle’s Letter to the Xxxx, beginning at the xxx verse”. In the Creed, a genuflection was suggested at “and was incarnated by the Holy Ghost”, and a bow was performed at the word “God” to balance the bows honoring the other two members of the Trinity. Bows were traditionally done at mentioning the Virgin Mary, saints on their feast days, and at “thanks” at the beginning of the Prayer of Consecration. The sign of the Cross was made at, “deliver us from evil” in the Lord’s Prayer. At the host’s elevation, the exclamation of St. Thomas, “My Lord and my God”, was softly spoken while making the sign of the cross. Echoing the Centurion, one’s chest was lightly struck at the words, “And although we are unworthy...” in the Prayer of Consecration and “have mercy upon us” in the Agnus Dei.

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