Oakerhater Chapel

The Oakerhater Chapel, a side chapel in an aclove to the left of the chancel at St. Paul's Cathedral, was dedicated Saturday, January 17, 2004.

Chapel and Window Dedicated to the Glory of God
and in thanksgiving for the life and ministry
of David Pendleton Oakerhater

Detail of Oakerhater Window
Artist: Preston Singletary

The Oakerhater Chapel is dedicated to David Pendleton Oakerhater, a valiant Cheyenne warrior in his youth. Later, as a prisoner of war in the era westward expansion, he would become a deacon of the Episcopal Church from 1881-1931.

During his 50 years of resolute service on his home reservation, the Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation in western Oklahoma, the devout Deacon was at times the single ordained presence in all Indian Territory. The General Convention of the Episcopal Church added his name to its Calendar of Lesser Feasts and Fasts in 1985, the first American Indian so named.

On the occasion of the dedication the Very Rev. George Back, cathedral Dean, said: "We write into our cathedral walls a new history. In doing so we raise up a new love story in the midst of many old stories of abuse and disrespect suffered by American Indians".

The portrait of David Pendleton Oakerter was painted and donated by Cherokee artist, America Meredith.

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