God's Grand Narrative

God's Grand Narrative

or Bible for Beginners


 A virtual tour in conjunction with Casady School to read through the Bible during the 2015 - 2016 academic year. Father Tim Sean will introduce us to each reading and provide some explanation and guidance. There will also be optional meet-ups throughout the year held at Saint Paul's Cathedral. More information about those events will be available later.






  Outline of Year of Study

It's a one year trek.  We will follow the same reading schedule as Casady Middle Division students broken into 3 month segments: 

Sept  - Nov The Book of Genesis
Dec - Feb Exodus, Torah, Wilderness and Judges
Mar - May Monarchy, Captivities and the Prophets
June - Aug The Beginnings of Christianity under Jesus the Rabbi


Want to know more about the program or to sign up? Click here to visit the website for the project.