Forum – Dean Search Committee

10:10 am Sunday, June 17 in Dean Willey Hall

Dean Search Approaches Its Ultimate Goal

May 2010 seems so long ago and yet just over our shoulder.  Dean George Back’s retirement
was a time of tears and thankfulness, celebration and concern. Before his retirement, Mother
Margót Nesbitt had retired and soon after, Father Luke Back was called to be the rector of
another church.  As we began to wonder what would happen next, a gift from God, in the form
of Bishop Steven Charleston, was dropped into our midst.

The past two years, under the leadership of Bishop Steven Charleston, Canon Susan Joplin,
Canon Carol Hampton, and Deacon Marilyn Robertson, have been ones of continued ministry,
worship, growth and work for St. Paul’s.  The development of our Parish Profile confirmed
that we are who we think we are.  The Dean Search Committee began its work last autumn,
reviewing some 90 candidates in the process of discerning who God is calling to be the next
dean at St. Paul’s.

After scheduling visits to see six dean candidates on their home turf, and then inviting some of those to visit us, the search process is nearing an end.  God willing, the next dean will be selected and installed some time before the diocesan convention in November.

Looking back at the last two years, everyone should be proud of the role they have played in
keeping St. Paul’s thriving and vibrant, ready to welcome home our next dean.

Come to the Dean Search Update forum on June 17 to hear more and to discuss the process
that has transpired over the past two years.