Find Your Sacred Space

Mon, July 16, 201212:30 PM

Participants in a meditative prayer program, such as the St. Ignatius "Retreat in Daily Life", enjoy the richness of their relationship with God through daily practice and connection with others through weekly sharing. When the course ends, the day-to-day discipline may continue but something is missing--other Christians!

If you need to reconnect, here's your chance!

On Mondays, beginning November 28th, at 12:30 in the Parlor, you are invited to participate in contemplative prayer and discussion based on the "Sacred Space" scripture meditations from the Irish Jesuits. This will be informal and we will share the insights God has given us during our daily meditations. Each meeting will last for one hour.

If you have friends from other churches who have participated in a contemplative prayer group, they are welcome to join us.

The "Sacred Space" book is available in the St. Paul's bookstore. A download for the Kindle app is available on

Please contact Suzette Hatfield at [email protected] for more information or just show up on the 28th.