East Garden

We hope you will feel at peace in the East Garden, a place of quiet celebration of the beauty of God's natural world. The Garden is a living example of God's presence in the world throughout all the seasons of our lives. Please enjoy it and help us care for it so it may forever be an oasis of peace for the human heart and spirit.

Who May Use The Garden?

Individual visitors are always welcome into the Garden for rest and reflection. Larger groups may use the Garden upon permission and scheduling with the Cathedral Office.

When Is The Garden Open?

The Garden will be open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Access will be through the reception area located at the Cathedral's main office. The Garden will also be open following Sunday services from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Other hours are available upon request and with permission.  Please read the complete East Garden Customary.

The Columbarium

The Columbarium is a sacred space. It is a resting place for many members of the cathedral community and their loved ones. Please help us to always treat it with reverence. For more information about subscriptions to the Columbarium or to schedule memorial services, please contact the Main Office.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an ancient symbol for the spiritual journey. Persons are invited to walk the Labyrinth in prayerful reflection. To learn helpful ways to use the Labyrinth please contact the office for guidelines and suggestions.

The Arbor

The Arbor is a symbol for the sheltering presence of God in the Garden. It is a place for quiet conversation and rest.

The Pet Memorial Garden

In the northwest corner of the East Garden, just beyond the exterior wall which encloses the chancel of the St. Nicholas Chapel, lies The Rev. Canon Susan Joplin Pet Memorial Garden, a gathering place to remember all of the pets who have graced the lives of our cathedral community through the generations. Following an annual Pet Memorial Service, it is prayerfully planted with spring-flowering bulbs as a reverent reminder that God's love extends to all creatures, great and small.

Columbarium Design and Construction

The Columbarium was designed by Hans Butzer, designer of the Oklahoma City Memorial, and this design evolved over many years of careful listening and consideration.

Click here to read about Brooks Tower, St. Paul's columbarium artist, and his mosaic art work. This article was originally published by the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) in the 2011 Fall Issue of Groutline, the official ejournal of SAMA. (Reprinted with permission.)

The East Garden Project

On March 25, 2011, St. Paul's Cathedral hosted a "Tribute to Builders & Stone Signing" to recognize, thank and honor the following prinicipal contractors, who were instrumental in the design, construction and completion of the East Garden:

Accomplished Textures, Inc.
American Fence Company
AVD AudioVideo Designs, Inc.
Butzer Gardner Architects
Cardinal Engineering
Contemporary Cabinets
Crown Electric, Inc.
Excalibur Cast Stone
Grooms Irrigation Company
HK&S Iron Company
Homecoming, Inc.
Jay Griffin Painting
Lemke Land Surveying, Inc.
Lingo Construction Services, Inc.
Masonry Construction, Inc.
Matrix Mechanical
Minick Materials
Nail Commercial Interiors
Oakley’s, Inc.
Obelisk Engineering
The Glass Specialists
Brooks Tower

The Gardening Guild of St. Francis

The Gardening Guild of St. Francis helps to maintain the parish grounds with special attention to the Courtyard Garden, Passover Garden, North Garden and East Garden. This Guild makes sure that beautiful flowers and trees are planted to serve as joyful reflections of the paradise that waits in the Kingdom of Heaven. If you would like to learn more about volunteering your gardening skills to the glory of God, please contact [email protected]

Maintaining the East Garden

Maintenance of the East Garden is paid for in part by the interest earned from an endowment at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. You can help by making a contribution to the St. Paul's Cathedral fund.