Consultant Selected

The Vestry, at it’s August 10 meeting, unanimously approved a recommendation by Marshall Binns and committee to employ the firm of Holy Cow! to help St. Paul’s develop a church profile, the first step in selecting a new dean. This consultant is widely used in the Episcopal Church for the simple reason that they have succeeded in facilitating good matches. Recommended to us by the Bishop, they are used exclusively by the Diocese of Iowa in all their searches and coincidentally were employed by the Church of the Heavenly Rest in Abilene.

“Every church we contacted said they were glad they had used them,” Marshall said. Efforts will be made to get everyone’s input in the surveying and focus group process to determine who we are, what we want to be and what attributes we need in a new dean. In the next 30 days, names will be selected for the “Discernment Committee” that will work with Holy Cow! to develop the profile. Later, another group of people will be selected for the “Search Committee.”

The goal of using the “Holy Cow!” tools is to hear the voice of every member of St. Paul’s so we can understand “Where we now are” and “Where we want to go.” There are additional levels to the services available from “Holy Cow!” that answer more questions. The Senior Warden and Junior Warden will meet with Bishop Konieczny and Canon to the Ordinary McLoughlin on the 27th of this month to discuss the various services and the next steps.