Children's Sunday Evenings in Lent

Sun, February 14, 2016

Children Lenten Series
February 14th - March 20th, 5:00-7:00
Dinner and Fellowship 6:00 - 7:00

Journey Through Lent
We begin our Journey Through Lent on Shrove Tuesday when we “pack our bags” to prepare for our Journey. Each week on Sunday evenings we will learn about a different tradition or spiritual practice during Lent. Children will assist in making different items that represent our spiritual journey.

February 14
Children will learn about the Lenten Calendar and the 40 days of Lent.
We will make a large calendar to help us count the days.

February 21
Children will learn about the Sign of the Cross and about why we cover the cross during Lent.
We will shroud our crosses in the Undercroft.

February 28 - March 26

Easter Choir Begins!
We welcome David Mayfield as this year’s Easter Choir Director!
Following choir practice children will have an opportunity to explore Lenten stories in our program:
Legos in Lent.
February 28
Children will learn a special Lenten prayer and we will make a Prayer Box for the Undercroft.

March 6
Children will learn about sharing our treasure and we will make a Giving Box for the Undercroft.

March 13
Children will learn about the symbols of Lent and we will use all 5 senses to explore the symbols.

March 20
Children will make a Holy Week in a Box for them to take home and use throughout Holy Week
to help them prepare for Easter Sunday.