Pastoral Care

Caring for Our Bodies, Minds, and Souls

We care for each other's mind, body, heart and soul through a team of lay leaders and clergy who are trained to offer care in many different ways. We visit you when you cannot be here with us, brining communion, meals, flowers, prayer and support. We also provide care for your physical health through our health-orientated ministries. 

Guilds and Commissions

Ministry Leader


Phone Number

 Pastoral Care CommissionCanon Susan JoplinE-mail235-3436
12 Step ProgramsCanon Susan JoplinE-mail235-3436
Health TeamDeacon Marilyn RobertsonE-mail235-3436
Martha and Mary GuildBrian SpeersE-mail235-3436
 Prayer Shawl GuildSally AlworthE-mail 755-2582

Saint Julian's Guild

(Funeral Receptions)

Dian Everett 


Saint Dorothy's Guild (Flowers)

 Fran DerrickE-mail 834-0282