Worship, Liturgy, and Music

Integrating our Common Life of Worship

At the Cathedral, worship is central to who we are. We worship from the format of the Book of Common Prayer. Our liturgy is an interactive response between the clergy and the people. The liturgy includes readings from scripture, prayers, preaching, and the celebration of the sacraments. Our worship and liturgical life is enhanced by music. We have a rich heritage of excellent music. There are a number of ways for the people, who are the ministers of the church, to get involved with worship  leadership. For more opportunities or if you are interested in learning more about a particular ministry please contact the ministry leaders below. 


Ministry Leader



Acolyte Guild

Fran and Gary Derrick  E-mail 834-0282

Altar Guild

 Ann Bonsteel   216-8440

Audio Guild

Larry Jopin  E-mail 692-1190

Flower Guild

MaryLu Jarvis   737-6459

Greeters Guild

Jane Magrath  E-mail 360-0338

Liturgy Guild

Jani Hill E-mail

Cathedral Choirs

Scott Raab E-mail 235-3436

Oblationers Guild

Jana Plowman E-mail 250-1219
Taizé Guild

Mary Reynolds

E-mail 204-4884

Thurifers Guild

Gil Haas E-mail 524-7812

Ushers Guild

David Bridges

Hank Bowen

 E-mail 235-3436
Vergers Guild

Jeff  Erwin

E-mail 521-8735


2015 Liturgy Leadership Festival

Register now by clicking here. 

Who should attend? Any leader or person interested in liturgical ministries including acolytes, altar guild, flower guild, bread makers, lectors, Lay Eucharistic Ministers, vergers, and thurifers.