Bishop Signals Green Light on Dean Search Process

Bishop Ed and Canon José outlined the Dean Search Process to Vestry at our June 8 meeting encouraging us to move forward and suggesting the use of a consulting firm in the initial phases.

Bishop Ed spent more than an hour detailing for vestry the steps, protocol, traps and tips for a successful search for a new Cathedral dean. His thorough presentation gave vestry much to discuss, consider and research, with members agreeing to spend the next few weeks considering the various issues before deciding on an initial plan of action at the next vestry meeting. Obviously much more is to come as the Cathedral embarks on what could be a lengthy process. Good news, though, is that the life and work of the Cathedral will continue during this time.

We have responded by establishing a group to study the use of consultancy, considering the skills needed by the first of two proposed committees, and examining the likely costs of the process so as to plan for them. We must also ensure that consistent and timely communication to the congregation be maintained.

The process is essentially two phased. There is the Study Phase and then the Search Phase.

The Study Phase, wherein a consultant might be used, generally has the purpose of answering the questions of “Who are we?”, “Where are we headed?”, and “What qualities do we think we need in a Dean?”

Having seen the materials created and distributed by the study, applicants begin submitting their credentials to the Search Group. The Search Group pares the list to a short list who are visited and visit the cathedral. All of this is done in collaboration with the Bishop, who is likely to enter names for consideration who come to him
from his network of Bishops and others.

The final short list is given to the Bishop for his selection and Vestry’s confirmation.

Bishop Ed is confident that St. Paul’s good national reputation will draw outstanding applicants.