An Old Fashioned Barn Raising

St. Paul’s Capital Campaign
88 pledges - and one grant - totalling $1,052,097.00

Do you remember the images of the old fashioned "barn raising"? It is an 18th/19th century tradition when neighbors would gather to help raise a barn in a single day: all pitching in to make the work go faster and more successfully.

That's the St. Paul's Capital Campaign in a nutshell.

This is the time when we all are neighbors. When we all are raising something to shelter our harvest. When we all are needed to make the work go faster and more successfully. We need 100% of our community to be involved. Not only to raise the money we need, but just as important, to raise the Spirit of our community.

Any level of contribution you can make is important.

Please contribute. Please pledge. You can do so easily online. And it will mean so much.

Our goal is in sight. Please join your neighbors in doing your part to reach that goal.

Latest news:  St. Paul's was just awarded a $50,000 grant from the Kirkpatrick Foundation for our Capital Campaign.

Thank you!!