Sunday Mornings and Adult Formation Series

We offer a variety of Adult Formation opportunities on Sunday mornings intended to enrich and deepen your connection with God, self and others in our community.

Formation opportunities change seasonally with our liturgical calendar. 

Our Adult Formation offerings for Lent 2015 include: 

For more information about upcoming Sunday Forums, please contact the Cathedral Office.


Education For Ministry

Education For Ministry is an intensive learning adventure incorporating church history and Holy Scripture, coupled with group theological reflections. EFM is a four-year academic program that combines individual work & study with weekly group discussion. The first year of the program covers the Books of the Old Testament. The second year of EFM covers the writings of the New Testament. Church History is the subject of the third year. The fourth year focuses on Christian theology. EFM begins in the Fall and ends in the Spring each year. 

Confirmation Class

Confirming one’s faith in the Church is an important stage in Christian life. Confirmation Class prepares adults and young adults to make a mature public affirmation of their faith and commitment to the responsibilities of their Baptism. Confirmation in the Episcopal Church includes the Bishop laying hands upon one’s head and praying for the Holy Spirit to uphold this child in his/her lay ministry.

Confirmation instruction is given in many different areas of Episcopal life including theology & Scripture, liturgy & the Prayer Book, history & the sacraments and much more. Confirmation Class is for anyone desiring Baptism, Reception or Reaffirmation in the Episcopal Church, and for those who simply desire to learn more about the faith. Our tradition time for Confirmation is during the season of Lent however we often offer Confirmation in the late summer as well.

For Confirmation 2015 please click here.