A "Common Sense" Campaign

As our effort to protect St. Paul's from further water damage continues to gain strength through the generosity of our people, I think it good to celebrate one of the most important aspects of this stewardship ministry: common sense.

It makes sense to fix a leaking roof before it gets worse. It makes sense to protect such irreplaceable assets as our windows and organ. It makes sense to get out of debt so you stop paying high interest rates. All of these basic ideas are at the heart of our capital campaign.

But the common sense doesn't end there. We also have the common sense to make sure the work we are about to do is done right. Our plan calls for a checks-and-balance system between a project manager who is a trained architect/engineer, and, a contractor expert in the work of repairing roofs and walls. We know from our Lutheran neighbors down the street whose roof is the same as ours: you can get the leaks fixed once and for all. It makes sense to do it right.

Finally, we have the common sense to practice sound financial management. We are committed to a balanced budget, to fiscal responsibility. It is common sense to show people you know how to handle money if you are asking them to invest: and that is exactly what we are doing at St. Paul's. So please make your pledge to our capital campaign! We can't do it without you.

Thank you, +Steven