2nd Century Eucharist

On Sunday, March 25, 2012, St. Paul’s Cathedral celebrated the 2nd Century Eucharist. This annual event, put on by the St. Genesius Guild during Lent, invites parishioners and guests to attend a service and agape dinner in the tradition of early Christians.

In those days there were no formal churches and Christians were persecuted because of the practice of “eating and drinking the body and blood of Christ.” At great risk, Christians often met secretly in private homes to worship.

To remember the struggles and bravery of these early Christians, the St. Genesius Guild and St. Paul’s members participate in an interactive worship similar to what early Christians experienced. The worship includes a "discovery" of the service by Roman soldiers.

The 2nd Century Eucharist serves to remind us not only of the persecution of Christians throughout history but also the continued persecution of peoples of faith around the world today.